Welcome to Toyland Learning Center and Child Care We are a large in home day care licensed for 14 children. We have a 1 to 3 ratio. That kind of ratio offers the highest quality and safety available in a daycare environment. We have staff members that are dedicated to one portion of the tasks of running a well organized child care program. There are several jobs in being a child care provider. Some are not as fortunate and have to do it themselves or with one assistant. At Toyland we have the director that manages all the paper work, business relations, accounting, curriculum planning, reading/math program, after school children provider, ordering supplies, and giving lots of hugs. Preschool Teacher implements the curriculum, interacts with the children, facilitates the program and allows the child to direct the interests. Infant Toddler Teacher guides and nurtures the developing little one in many areas of their world and make them feel secure and loved. The Cook/Transportation person makes all of our worlds gel together. They drop off/pick up children from school in a safe car, observing all road safety laws. When they pick up or drop off they don't have to take any other of the children with them because we have others on deck at the facility. They prepare all three meals and snacks according to Choices for Children Food Program. We also have subs that are regularly introduced in the program so there is a comfort level for the children when staff members have to be out. We have perfected our program since 1997 and found that the program evolves to meet the children's needs and is ever improving. This is our number one goal to accomplish all of the above and still be a partner with our parents in helping to raise their children while they are away at work.