Carrie Minton is the director and co-owner. I have a Site Supervisor Permit through Calif. Teacher Credentialing. I have over 50 units in Early Childhood Education. I have taken 14 years of workshops to keep up on the current child care practices. We were the first child care facility in Lincoln to be accredited by the National Asst. for Family Child Care. This means that you undergo strict regulations much more than state Licensing requires. I also was a mentor for Placer County Office of Education Child Care Services. I was responsible for training and mentoring licensed providers. I worked with a team in training workshops in organizing and running a high quality day care and preschool program. I am also a registered Professional Growth Advisor and assisted providers in their professional growth goals. Lanny Minton is co-owner and has retired but now assists in cooking and transporting. He has an Assistant Teacher Permit through Calif. Teacher Credentialing. He has 13 units in Early Childhood Education. He is our asst.  cook that helps prepares all of our meals under the direction of the State Food Program regulations and guidelines. He serves a lot of his own organic garden vegetables. He makes the best chicken and rice meal, the kids that have grown up and left still talk about Toyland's meals. When Lanny is not cooking or shopping for the meals, he drives the children to school and back. Lanny also helps run the music program along with Devin our oldest grandson. They offer a  Music Fun Time Program teaching them new music and exposure to multiple instruments and sounds. Lanna Minton Donn is our infant toddler teacher. She was my original partner when we started in 1997. She has 12 units in Early Childhood Education. She encourages the infant toddlers to explore their world within the safe boundries she has setup. The infant and toddler feels safe and nurtured by loving, caring, caregiver. Lanna is in her second year of deaf studies and is going for a major in deaf studies. She is very proficient in ASL and has helped with children in our care that is hard of hearing or deaf. She has taught our children how to communicate in sign to help with the ones that haven't their words yet. Breanna Bortolus is our preschool teacher and has been training in our program going on four years. She is extremely meticulous in implementing the planned curriculum for the preschool. We base our curriculum on the interests of the children and The Project Appoach. We don't follow a theme based program because that is what an adult wants to create. We observe what the child is gravitating towards and that is where their needs are where they could learn things they are interested in. This comes from the schools in Italy, Regio Amelia which made more sense to me. They take these interests and implement as The Project Approach by putting into the environment props, materials, books, supplies. The children uses these things as they feel free to continuing the project until they are through and their needs met. All of our Staff at Toyland are CPR certified and has a DOJ clearance we are licensed through the state of Ca. and yearly TB tested. We also have all of our shots that are required to be around children, TDAP and boosters.

About Toyland Learning Center and Child Care

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